Christoph Bohnen, who died on Thursday night.


Anais M.B., the 28-year-old driver of the Porsche Cayenne who caused the accident on Thursday which resulted in the death of a German cyclist, has been remanded in custody.

She was arrested on Friday, having initially been at liberty following the accident. The cyclist, Christoph Bohnen, died on Thursday night. As a consequence, she was faced with a more serious charge - one of involuntary manslaughter. She appeared in court in Manacor earlier today (Saturday). Accompanied by her lawyer, she was greatly upset and maintained that she had been driving correctly. The cyclists, she said, were to blame for the accident.

On the test for drugs that was taken after the accident, she explained that she had not smoked cannabis on the Thursday morning but had done so the previous evening.

It has emerged that Anais M.B. was arrested in 2016 as part of an anti-drugs operation but was not subsequently called to appear in court. In 2015 she tested positive for driving under the influence of cannabis and on another occasion was reported for the use of drugs.

On social media a photo of Anais M.B. taking a selfie while driving has been widely shared and been condemned. On her own Facebook wall, messages have appeared hoping that she "ends up in the slammer".

Christoph Bohnen, aged 47 and the father of two, was a regular visitor to Majorca and, for example, took part in the 2016 Ironman in Alcudia.


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Peter smith / Hace over 3 years

Good girl give her a medal !


Viva españa / Hace over 3 years

She clearly did not learn from past mistakes, is an habitual user and should be punished severely. What price do you put on the loss of a life and how it affects his family and friends? At the same token something has to be done about the cyclists here on the island. I cycle every day and I am shocked by the lack of respect a majority of cyclists show to other cyclists, drivers and pedestrians especially when cycling in groups. No excuse for what happened but you are inviting these tragic events when you ride as if you own the road. She should not see the light of day for a very long time!


Graham / Hace over 3 years

His eyes and smile say that he was a wonderful man, father and husband.

Why is that criminals and persons that continually flout the law, get away with it constantly. It is the Victims and their families today are the ones that always suffer.

To a family that is grieving and to all the other cyclists that were severely injured, I am so sorry that the world is so unfair.


Stuart Mead / Hace over 3 years

As far as I’m concerned if she was intoxitated or on drugs it wasn’t an accident. Should be a more severe sentence.


mina / Hace over 3 years

maximum sentence is four years. What! she should be put in for life. She took a life, that's only fare. A life for a life. thank you


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

A maximum sentence of four years is totally inadequate for killing a man and injuring others while driving under the influence of drugs.