Carlos Saura of Podemos, who has been a regular critic of the government when it comes to tourism. | Joan Torres


Carlos Saura of Podemos yesterday criticised government inaction in pursuing illegal holiday rentals. He told the Balearic parliament that there is no lack of regulation but there is a lack when it comes to government action.

Saura called on tourism minister Bel Busquets to take "effective and serious action". If there isn't this action, he maintained, there will not be a reduction in prices of rented accommodation and property for sale. "The time has come to burst the holiday rentals bubble."

Busquets responded by saying that things were going well in the fight against illegal tourist letting. It was "good news", she observed, that since legislation was passed last year, a total of 574 illegal apartments had been removed from the market. It was also good news that proceedings for fining three large websites had been started. "We have an extreme situation in the Balearics, but we are acting and we are on the right track."

The minister also referred to the recent report from the Fevitur national federation of holiday rentals, which indicated that 34% of holiday rental apartments in Palma are no longer being offered.