Palma's mayor Antoni Noguera.

30-04-2018Teresa Ayuga

Palma mayor Antoni Noguera yesterday played down possible legal action against the town hall's prohibition of apartment holiday rentals.

The Fevitur national federation of holiday rental associations last week said that it was considering taking legal action, but Noguera argued that the town hall has acted in the general interest and with responsibility and diligence. The rentals regulation, he said, will be a "success for those who live (in Palma) and those who visit". He stressed the fact that the town hall has not prohibited holiday rentals but is saying where there can be rentals and where cannot be.

Asked about the use of turnstiles, the installation of which in Venice led to angry scenes at the weekend, the mayor said that such a system would not be possible in Palma and nor would it be satisfactory. He added that the debates which different cities are having are to do with knowing what load capacities should be in order to maintain success. The turnstiles, a temporary measure ahead of the May holiday, admitted residents or frequent visitors with a city pass, while tourists had to take other routes. Protesters tore down turnstiles at one of the checkpoints.

Tourism minister Bel Busquets, commenting on the same issue, noted that responsibility for the entrance of tourists via ports and airports lies with the state. She also said yesterday that there is as yet no plan to increase the number of tourism inspectors, although she suggested that there will be specific campaigns illegal holiday rental in Palma. 


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palmadave / Hace over 3 years

I agree with Dick. Cruise liners with a capacity of more than 13,000 visited in the last couple of days and I found Palma very, very busy.


Dick / Hace over 3 years

Judging by the amount of Hire cars on the road and the number of tourists I saw in Palma and Santa Ponsa, I would hardly say the island is Void, its a bit of an exaggeration and its really only the beginning of season


theresa / Hace over 3 years

1st May today and the island looks void of tourists. Plenty of us residents but a severe lack of holidaymakers whom will create the employment. So sad for all these businesses with FIJO contract staff - they cannot reduce their hours and let them go, they have to continually pay them whether the till is ringing or silent. If Employment Rules were modernised in Spain everyone would be better off.