Court appearance on Friday. | Pere Bota


The British bouncer, Paul L.W., arrested in connection with the death of Northern Irish holidaymaker Aaron Henderson in Magalluf, is to be held on remand in prison facing a charge of homicide. His colleague from Mulligans bar, who failed to inform the police, was released with charges.

Aaron Henderson, 30 from Coleraine, suffered a bleed on the brain during an altercation with the bouncer from Middlesbrough. He had been on holiday with his girlfriend. On the night of the incident, it is understood that Danielle, his girlfriend, had returned to their accommodation and that he had stayed out.

The Guardia Civil say that they have spoken to witnesses who saw him being pushed to the ground and apparently kicked in the head. The Guardia also have some CCTV footage of the incident, but it is understood that this does not show Mr Henderson being kicked.

In court on Friday, Paul L.W. said that he had to eject Mr Henderson because he had become aggressive and was annoying women in the bar. Outside the bar, there was a confrontation between the two and he admitted having given Mr Henderson "a slap", which resulted in him falling. Paul L.W. added that Mr Henderson did not lose consciousness, that he helped him up and that when a Calvia police patrol came, Mr Henderson did not require assistance.

Mr Henderson was subsequently found unconscious and taken to Son Espases Hospital in Palma, where he died four days after the incident on 27 April. The judge considered the video and other evidence and ordered Paul L.W. to be remanded.

Mr Henderson's father has announced that Aaron’s body will be brought home to Coleraine on Monday, 14 May. On social media he has said: "After what feels like an eternity, Aaron is finally coming home to us on Monday 14 May at 10.30am. The funeral service will take place at 25 Cloyfin Park, Coleraine on Wednesday 16 May at 2pm following on to Coleraine Cemetery. Everyone is welcome to come and say farewell, never goodbye."