Cèsar Llorente (IDI), Rafael Soler (Fundació BIT), Eduardo Tejada (PalmaActiva), Marcos Cañabate (PIMEM), Xesca Vidal and Ángel Puig (Connect’Up), Lluís Arague, Ignaci Bosch and Álex Estupiñán (IFOC), Ana Seijo (Wohaby), Bernardí Seguí and Ricardo Moreno (SECOT), Miguel Ángel López (IDI), Susana Rodríguez (IDI) and Manuel Guerrero (Fundació BIT).

13-05-2018Pere Bota

At the conclusion of the Entrepreneur category in the Connect'Up contest, twenty finalists were selected. When the jury met last Friday at ParcBit, its members decided to increase the number because of the quality of the 131 contestants. Ten more projects than had been envisaged were chosen and placed on a reserve list in the event that there might have to be substitute projects in the final phase.

The jury, made up of innovation and technology specialists from the Balearics, made a unanimous decision. The qualitative criteria for the selection had been included in the rules for the Connect'Up contest. In this regard, level of innovation and/or creativity of the projects, their adherence to a business model, the level of development of growth potential were all considered.

Presenters of the selected projects and those in reserve have the option of taking part in different forms of training over the next few weeks. The aim of this is to assist projects in their presentation to possible investors who can realise the innovative ideas in the marketplace. The training consists of presentation, business planning and legal aspects. The final of the contest will be on 14 June. For the two other categories - Intrapreneur and Professional Training-Baccalaureate - the deadline remains open until 31 May.


Safe Health
Balearic Safe Health On the Cloud is a cloud service with reliable patient data available in real time. It is to avoid delays in diagnosis and treatment due to language barriers or the lack of accessible information at the time.

Ok Reserve
Is a platform for secure payment that minimises the economic and ecological problem of 'no-show' in restaurants. It ensures that for restaurant bookings if a client is not present, the policy returns the prepaid deposit.

This creates experiences of virtual reality and augmented reality that are tailored to the client. It allows end-users to feel as if they are taking part in the experience and interacting with the environment. It only requires an internet connection.

This is a factory project of design and production for designers, creators and artists. With a multidisciplinary technical team, innovative elements are manufactured with CNC computer numerical control technology. Applications include architecture, interior design, fashion and more ... .

A business intelligence and revenue management system based on artificial intelligence for the tourism industry. It is designed to help businesses visualise, understand and monetise their data. It optimises resources, cuts costs and improves profitability.

Gives access to prices and schedules of different types of transport and operators. Enables time-saving in terms of searching and a potential saving on the prices of tickets. It will be available via a website and app. Revenue is derived from commissions from bookings.

A personalised, non-automated website for babysitters in Minorca, which offers a link between the family and the babysitter in processing selection and knowing the result. The service is aimed at local families and at tourists.

A web application that is a specific tool for the maintenance of swimming pools. It offers a solution to problems of inventory, data records, history, geolocation and personnel control. It provides a database with all information accessible via the website.

An app that consists of a mobile sales point for businesses which operate in the street or elsewhere outside. There is a 'back-office' from which information can be obtained in real time for business analysis. It operates without the need for an internet connection.

Book Chain
A platform through which any book can be read and consulted. It allows authors to publish, make visible and monetise their books. It also gives users the chance to read and download books through a subscription for accessing the website.

Menorca Creativa
This is a web platform through which tourists can find a large offer of activities and workshops as well as accommodation and recommended restaurants. It will provide personalised assistance via a community manager for the resolution of incidents and queries.

A platform that develops ideas and gives life to projects and financial stability for women's businesses. It provides training, consultancy and a crowdfunding platform. It also has a marketplace for businesses which form part of the network.

This platform aims to create a motor home community and to undertake actions for its promotion. It will offer a forum for sharing experiences and also give the possibility of using a motor home without needing to have one.

A framework for software development that is based on a content management system for programmers and software development firms seeking a swift, robust and extensible tool for web applications.

This is about creating video games for tourism promotion. It combines tourism with entertainment in providing a product with storytelling to attract customers. Work is carried out with the client in creating the game with personality and the company's values.

An online multiuser platform through which clients can offer the end-consumer itineraries, tours, sporting, cultural and tourism activities. The consumer has all the offer and evaluations on one website and can make bookings and purchases.

A platform for accessible mathematical resources which is aimed at the primary education sector. It offers teachers graphical resources and allows pupils to develop written expression skills thanks to the use of software that rewards complete writing.

A start-up that specialises in the transformation of organic waste generated by businesses in PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoates) bioplastics that is characterised by being rapidly biodegradable in the environment and being compatible with the human body.

A multilateral, collaborative platform for establishments that rewards uploading of adverts. It is the largest available localiser of property and "locals" (premises of varying kinds). Everyone can indicate where a property is for sale, rent or transfer, even if they are not owners.

Sublime Oils
Sublime Oils Phytocosmetics creates and commercialises cosmetics with ingredients from women's cooperatives in Africa. It creates and commercialises therapeutic products for pain relief with tap de cortí pepper from Majorca and with Devil's Claw from the Kalahari Desert.


Minorca participates
Minorcan entrepreneurial talent shows through in the Connect'Up contest. Of the twenty finalists, four are Minorcan: Menorca Creativa, Canguro Menorca, Tiqueteros y Travelinho, two of which have been presented by women. It is possible that there are more participants from the island, as not all the projects' authors have made their origin known.

The Minorcan entrepreneurs were openly welcomed from the outset. The Centre Bit presented Connect'Up on the island and undertook training sessions to improve business plans that accompanied the innovative ideas that were presented. Minorca's media have shown interest in Connect'Up by widely disseminating the project organised by Grup Serra and sponsored by CaixaBank.

Projects in reserve
Given the quality and innovation of the projects, the jury considered widening the selection and choosing ten projects on a reserve list. These can take part in all the activities organised by Connect'Up over the weeks of training, conferences, events and trips. The only exception will be in the public exhibition of the projects before businesspeople and investors (the 'elevatorpitch') in which only the twenty finalists can take part.

However, they would be eligible for being among the finalists as substitutes if necessary. The following projects for the reserve list were agreed unanimously: Privateplace, Yachtty all for Yachts, Groupiffy, Total Training Suite, Three For Fest, Protect Coin, Puerto Piu S.A., Carminitta, Humana Digital Health and USBrela.

Female entrepreneurs
Connect'Up supports female entrepreneurs with the aim of promoting equality in a predominantly male sector. The Connect'Up contest has been characterised by female participation that has been very high compared with previous contests. Of the twenty finalists selected at ParcBit, seven are from women: Merakiu, Cut&Go, Balearic Safe Health Cloud, Oil Phytocosm, Rodemos and two from Minorca - Menorca Creativa y Canguro Menorca.

The female quota increases fifty per cent in the case of the projects on the reserve list. Of the ten business plans in reserve, five were from women: Yachtty all for Yachts, Privateplace, Pescaturismo, Carminitta and USBrela.

Those responsible for the selected projects will indicate the withdrawal of their choice in accordance with the conditions set out in the contest rules. The first of these is by not complying with the obligation to respond to the email from the Connect'Up organisation, confirming receipt of the selection notification. The deadline for this is two days. Another condition is the express withdrawal from the entire Connect'Up programme and participation in the 'elevatorpitch'. To all the above, the jury adds not having the public-speaking/presentation capability for exhibiting the project. This ability can be obtained through training courses organised by Connect'Up, which will take place in the next few days. This spoken training is added to that for the business and legal plan, which be held over the next few days.