Graffiti on the road to Sa Calobra.

17-05-2018Antoni Pol

Escorca town hall is having to deal with graffiti which has been proliferating in various parts of the mountain municipality. The graffiti and stickers have been found on town hall installations, road signs, on dry-stone walls and on rock faces. The mayor of Escorca, Antoni Solivellas, says that it needs to be stopped, as he is worried about a knock-on effect and there being more graffiti.

Sa Calobra has been the worst affected, and this includes the road entering the coastal village. The mayor is asking the Council of Majorca to remove graffiti along the road as soon as possible, while the local police are investigating and looking to find who has been responsible. There is some CCTV surveillance, and images are being studied. Solivellas adds that there can be fines of up to 3,000 euros.

President Armengol, responding to the news of the graffiti, has described it as a "new attack on our most valuable heritage". It is "intolerable" and she has called for greater respect to be shown.


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D / Hace over 3 years

Graffiti has now completely covered the new sound barriers on the motorway and the newish road to the airport, they want a better clientele for the island but don’t do anything about the appearance of eyesores like that. I have presented a permanent solution to this problem but nobody is interested. I have the rights to various products that are guaranteed and cost affective but yet they would rather just re paint them giving a clean canvas to start again. Great use of public money.


James Worrall / Hace over 3 years

Just got back from Mallorca, yes your right graffiti is everywhere! Noticed alot in Inca.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

Graffiti is rife everywhere in Majorca and has been for years and little has been done to stop it,don't fine any perpetrators that are caught as they are not likely to have up to 3.000 euros,make them work it of by cleaning of graffiti.


Glenn / Hace over 3 years

Instead of fining these idiots who know doubt don't pay anyway why not sentence them remove at least 10 x the mess they created thus helping to clean up this kind of vandalism.....