The San Juan Gastronomy Market.


The San Juan Gastronomy Market in Palma does not have the appropriate activity licence. The market occupies the one-time slaughterhouse, S'Escorxador, which is in fact owned by the town hall, although a company called Mercasa runs the market.

The town hall is advising the company that unless the licence is sorted out, the market will have to close, and this would obviously affect all the various businesses. The deputy mayor for urban planning, José Hila, says that officials from the market and his department are discussing the re-processing of the licence, which would require a change of use. This is the main problem. The current licence covers commercial equipment but seemingly not the actual gastronomy activities.

The market opened in 2015. With some twenty places, it was the first gastronomy market of its kind in the Balearics and drew on similar projects in Barcelona and Madrid.


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Henrietta / Hace over 3 years

Why would anyone try to run a business here? They make everything so difficult. Businesses are forced to close on technicalities. Make the system simple, clear and QUICK.


Steve Riches / Hace over 3 years

It's a superb facility at a great venue that includes Cineciutat - what idiots are trying to shut it down? This island is going bonkers!


MelB / Hace over 3 years

Somebody obviously has not handed over the appropriate brown envelope. Another case of attacking a successful enterprise.


Larry HENSON / Hace over 3 years

And its taken them 3 years to arrive at that conclusion!