Pine trees cut down at a site for development.


Calvia town hall is to take action against a property developer because of the felling of 98 pine trees at a site in Cala Vinyes. The development is on the calle Vista del Mar, and the removal of the trees is in order to ensure that there is a sea view.

The land is in an area of special natural interest, and neighbours were alerted to the felling when they heard chainsaws last Saturday. After establishing what was happening, one of the residents got in touch with the developer, Calvia Projects.

According to this resident, the manager of the company responded in a smug manner and said that he had "many contacts" at the town hall. Whether contacts or not, local police officers went to the site and noted the felling. A report was sent to the environment department at the town hall, and town hall sources indicate that the developer did not have the necessary permits. The environment and urban planning departments have therefore both opened proceedings that will seek the appropriate fine to be levied and an order to replant trees.

It is said that more than the 98 trees may have been cut down. Regardless of the number, the town hall considers the situation to be "intolerable".


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L.A.Johnson / Hace over 3 years

Well it seems to me that the town hall should have kept a more rigorous check on what was happening on the building site, also the planning permission should have stated in large letters that NO trees were to be felled without express permission from the town hall. Mr Smug developer should be made to replant mature trees as soon as possible.


S. / Hace over 3 years

When I first came to Mallorca in 1989, it was so evident that trees etc. , were to be preserved at all costs.I watched Palm Trees being very carefully removed and gently re planted. The Islands Flora and Fauna is precious, and is to be completely respected. It is a small Island, and can not afford to lose its plants. The overall beauty of The Island, is a beauty to behold. To be treasured by all that visit and reside here. The protection of the Trees is evident everywhere. Condemn the Developers, and prevent them from continuing in business.


Britbabe / Hace over 3 years

Obviously the developer knew what he was doing. Any fine received will be more than covered by the enormous profit made on the sale of the properties. As John P suggests, the planning permission should be withdrawn and the developer made to replant big trees. That is the only punishment that would fit the crime. The council should also ensure that no future development is allowed on the site.


John P / Hace over 3 years

If Calvia Town Hall wants to be taken seriously on this issue why not withdraw planning approval and put a stop to the development. That will focus this and future developers minds.


Susan p / Hace over 3 years

They should be made to erect some sort of barrier so the owner can't see the view untill the trees are regrown. Otherwise the extra profit from the sale will probably cover any fine.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

Destroying the natural environment so that a privileged few can see part of the natural environment is beyond the pale,hopefully this "developer" will receive the maximum fine and punishment possible.