Francina Armengol is giving her backing to the no-confidence motion presented by Pedro Sánchez.


The Balearic government has given its support to the vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy that has been presented by the leader of PSOE, Pedro Sánchez. The government's spokesperson, Pilar Costa (of PSOE), says that the time has come for "democratic regeneration" in Spain.

Costa stated on Friday night that there were no longer just suspicions about the Partido Popular, as a "harsh sentence" has condemned a number of people who have been prominent in the PP and has also shown that Rajoy did not tell the truth when he testified as a witness at the Gürtel trial.

Of immediate practical concern to the Balearic government, whether Rajoy is ousted or not, is gaining final approval of the new special economic regime for the Balearics. Finance minister Catalina Cladera trusts that current instability will not affect this.

President Armengol believes that the Gürtel judgement "makes it unfeasible for the PP to govern". As the party has been found guilty, "it is incapable of remaining at the head of the government". She called on Ciudadanos (C's) to back the no-confidence motion in order to help bring about the democratic regeneration.

Other reaction in Majorca has come from the mayor of Palma, Antoni Noguera. He has also given his support to the motion of no confidence, observing that there should have been one "a long time ago". The PP is "structurally connected to corruption". He was critical of the C's, "the PP's crutch", and accused them of offering "false renewal".

Alberto Jarabo, the Balearic parliament spokesperson for Podemos, hopes that the no-confidence motion will prevail and looks forward to an agreement for national government similar to that in the Balearics.

Xavier Pericay of the C's agrees that the Rajoy government is "unsustainable", but insists that there are early elections rather than a motion that will kick out the PP and bring in an alternative government of which parties that support independence will be a part.