With people taking matters into their own hands in Magalluf, Calvia's mayor Alfonso Rodríguez has sent a letter to the national government delegation in which he calls for action to be taken against "situations occurring in the Punta Ballena area which pose a risk to public safety".

The mayor stresses his concern at these situations, for which he is requesting a doubling of efforts to attack a problem which requires the intervention of state security forces. This problem is beyond the town hall's scope as it is one to do with "mafias who traffic and exploit women".

Rodríguez has reiterated requests made at meetings of the local security board. The delegation is the body which has responsibilities for public safety, and so he wants a genuine increase in Guardia Civil numbers in order to prevent trouble and situations which can have "the most serious" consequences.

The town hall is making clear that it is working towards changing the model that exists in certain parts of the resorts. Drunken tourism and excesses, change to which some "sectors" are resistant, generate no benefits to the municipality and lead to trouble on the streets. Among the various measures adopted by the town hall are the strengthening of bylaws, greater inspections and control, and specific action such as sealing off the exteriors of establishments in the Plaza Pitiüsas (BCM Square) which do not have licences.

The mayor concludes his letter by requesting an urgent meeting to discuss the issue.


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Elizabeth / Hace over 3 years

Its not just the mugging women that's the problem.Its the boat parties and excursions that offer 6 hrs of cheap nasty drink as much as you want after parties included in the price.Shots for a euro and the unscrupulous ticket touts who earn commission but have no work contracts.The companies bring kids over promising them jobs.The naked hustlers in the so called lap dancing club that says its 20 for 2 bottles but take 200 off the card and sometimes much more.Read trip advisor .These bar owners do not care how they do it and these need to be closed down so that the honest hardworking people who give customer care and look after their customers can get on with making an honest living.The prostitutes are not the only people robbing or causing violence.Untrained bully boy doormen and coked up workers are just as bad .I've 40 years of living here its time to clear the lot out.Bring in the National police and stop these people ruining our resorts


Tina / Hace over 3 years

The muggers 15 years ago harrassed the families and decent tourists - overtime they left.

The tourism model that replaced the families is what we currently have.

Magalufs entire problem of youth drinking has been created because these woman have “mugged and attacked” for 15 years.

The drunkenness is fuelled by the All Inclusive Hotel model.

Get rid of both the Thieves and the All Inclusive and the resorts tourism model will naturally change back to restaurants, coffee bars and elegant shops, attracting the family and retired market.


John / Hace over 3 years

Trump is right, these vermin have to be banned from entering our western society, - end of. If you don't do that then our democratic and politically correct laws will never work. But it won't happen, so besides vigilante actions, which are illegal in our countries, unfortunately we have no option than to vote with with our feet, ie live somewhere else. They'll be a major war soon throughout europe anyway, that is inevitable when the younger generations have had enough. That's the nature of the human race.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

Rodriguez is wrong,the police have the power to ask these people for their papers and if they have none,to arrest them as illegal immigrants,if this was done,this situation would soon end.


S. / Hace over 3 years

This very serious problem , has been prevalent for several Seasons. Nothing has been done to remove these low life operators. WHY are they still here ?. WHY are they not deported?. What is happening, or not happening , in these areas ?. WHY are the Guardia and Policia powerless to deal with these very dangerous diseased scumbags, prostitutes and pimps.?.


James T / Hace over 3 years

What hope is there of getting family tourism to increase when stuff like this is allowed to go on?

Where there's a will there's a way... The question is whether the will exists or not.