Playa de Palma earlier closing. (Archive image taken in November.) | Jaume Morey

Palma town hall intends to introduce earlier closing times for bars, restaurants, clubs and shops in tourist areas of the city, such as Playa de Palma, Cala Major and La Lonja. The administration also wants the new public order bylaw to ban advertising for the sale of alcohol inside premises.

Before this is finally agreed, legal services will study the measure and ensure that it doesn't represent an exceeding of municipal powers. The last time that the town hall introduced a public order bylaw, when the Partido Popular was in control, it was quashed by the courts for this very reason.

The councillor for public safety, Angelica Pastor, who is responsible for the bylaw, says that the issue of street selling has been resolved. Illegal selling will be included in the public order bylaw and it will be subject to a low fine. She has played down the fact that street selling was not included in the public way (terraces) bylaw and points to there having been more actions against illegal selling this year. There are two or three a day, and since March some 22,500 products have been seized.