The four tourists who were arrested. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

Four German holidaymakers have been arrested by Palma police in connection with assaulting two beggars in Playa de Palma on Wednesday.

At 8pm on the day in question, a number of tourists called the 092 hotline to report a fight in calle Pere Bartomeu Salva. Patrols rushed to the scene and found two beggars on the ground bleeding from cuts and wounds to their arms and legs. The two beggars said that they had been assaulted by a group of four young Germans.

The police launched an immediate search of the area and eventually located the four alleged aggressors. According to them, they had been on the island some three weeks ago and had given the two beggars a substantial amount of money so they could return home to Germany. However, they found them still begging and while asking about the money, one of the beggars apparently spat at one of the holidaymakers, sparking the fight.

The beggars were treated at Son Llatzer Hospital and the police are continuing with their investigation.