BCM is back.

09-06-2018Alejandro Sepúlveda

BCM in Magalluf, which has been closed since April 2017, will reopen tomorrow, Saturday 9 June, at 10pm.

The reopening seems to have come out of the blue. The director, Xisco Alguacil, says that nothing special had been planned for an opening party, but work had clearly been going on behind the scenes as new special effects have been installed and seventy staff - waiters, dancers, security - plus DJs are in place.

The club was closed on the order of Calvia town hall because of planning deficiencies and particular issues to do with cooling towers and exits. The town hall has insisted all along that once these deficiencies were rectified, it would reconsider its decision, and it has confirmed that everything is now in order.

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Ron / Hace over 3 years

Steve - those thoughts don't make you a bad person ....... but you are a better man than that!


George / Hace over 3 years

BCMs owner did a dirty deal and got Mallorca Rocks closed down. He liked to be the controller and the bully.

We lost a fabulous operation on the island which gave diversity.


Steve Riches / Hace over 3 years

Totally not my scene yet I am mightily hapoy it's re-opening. It was a major focal point for many young people, a significant number of whom booked holidays on the island because of its famed atmosphere. Personally the thought of being covered in foam while being half-deafened by pulsating music as I drank mind-numbing glitzy cocktails in the company of people whose clothing barely covered the vital parts of their body while they gyrated in ecstacy seemed just so um...er...well actually quite attractive: er - any chance of any old gits' nights??


Lizscot98@gmail.com / Hace over 3 years

Its the scamming lapdancer clubs that need to be investigated now.Just had an email from someone who had 450 taken out on 2/6 after buying 4 2 wicked for 20e.


Luvmallorca / Hace over 3 years

Well done Calvia town hall for sorting out the important issues in Magaluf (sarcasm). Plenty of young fodder for the muggers and thieves to prey on coming out of BCM in the early hours. You really know how to look after your own and the tourists ( more sarcasm).