Cala Millor, part of it anyway, without normal sunlounger service. | Assumpta Bassa

Each year there seems to be at least one resort in Majorca where there is an issue with a delay to beach services. This year it is Cala Millor, and as is normally always the case, the reason for the delay lies with the bureaucratic dealings with the Costas Authority.

Cala Millor falls within two municipalities - Son Servera is one and Sant Llorenç the other - and it is the latter that has the issue. The town hall is facing complaints because it is the middle of June and there are still no sunloungers and parasols - or not enough at any rate.

The explanation from Sant Llorenç town hall is very familiar. Permissions from the Costas Authority have to be renewed, and so the town hall presented its request documentation back in November. This, in theory, allows time for any queries about the updated concessions to be resolved. A town hall supplies a manual with information on lot sizes, the number of lots, types of material and so on.

However, by the end of May the queries had yet to be resolved, meaning that the town hall doesn't expect to be able to award the contracts for the concessions until the end of this month. The town hall's tourism delegate, Colau Bordal, says that the contracts are for 600 sunlounger and parasol sets.

The town hall has sought to alleviate the problem to some degree by making 400 sunloungers available free of charge. Lifeguard services are in place. Bordal stresses their vital importance and that it would be a serious matter if there weren't any.

Neighbouring Son Servera did also have its issues. There was a delay in its part of Cala Millor as well, but the sunloungers there have been out for some weeks.