Iñaki Urdangarin arriving at court today.

Iñaki Urdangarin arrived in Palma on a flight from Geneva at a quarter to ten on Wednesday morning. His appearance at the Provincial Court was at quarter past twelve. It lasted only ten minutes. The court ordered him to enter prison within five days, i.e. by Monday, 18 June. He has been sentenced to five years and ten months.

There was a small group of protesters when he arrived. Chants included "prison for Urdangarin".

His former business partner at the Instituto Nóos, Diego Torres, arrived right on the dot of nine o'clock when the court opened. He too was given five days to enter prison. It is understood that he has opted to serve his time in a prison in Catalonia.

The ex-Balearic president, Jaume Matas, who was sentenced to three years and eight months, did not appear in court. His lawyers informed the court that he has today presented himself at a prison in Madrid.