There were 88 infringements of the bylaw on street drinking. | Policia Local Palma


More than forty Palma police officers took part in an operation last Thursday and Friday against so-called prostitution, street drinking and anti-social behaviour. In Playa de Palma between 10pm on Thursday and 2am on Friday, officers issued 25 "denuncias" against Nigerian women and arrested two. The arrests were for violation of immigration law and for being involved with human trafficking.

The denuncias, for which there are fines, included ones for making obscene gestures to passers-by, for disturbing pedestrians, and for "concentrating in unauthorised places and degrading the urban environment and general safety of citizens".

There was a total of 183 infractions, 88 of which were for breaking the bylaw on drinking alcohol on the public way (the "botellon"). Others were for public order offences, such as fighting, and illegal street selling. Some 1,300 items were confiscated.