Drugs and cash seized.

19-06-2018Policia Nacional

The National Police have smashed a gang of Nigerian drug traffickers which was supplying heroin and other drugs to dealers in the Son Banya shanty town and locations on the Levante industrial estate.

The National Police operation, "Operation Anion", concluded last Thursday after investigators managed to locate the gang's base in Son Gotleu in Palma.

According to the National Police, evidence about the Nigerians' movements was gathered from suspects arrested in May when a predominantly Dominican gang of drug smugglers was broken up in Palma. That gang was being used to traffic drugs from Holland and Italy into Majorca. Gang members were apparently being used by the Nigerians as "camels" to smuggle the drug in and then "cut it" to enhance its powers and effect.

The investigation was first launched in April after a Nigerian associate of the Dominicans was intercepted at Palma airport on arrival from Amsterdam with 62 "dates" of heroin and cocaine in his stomach. The total amount of narcotics the suspect had "ingested" was equivalent to 850 grams.

Police chiefs stated yesterday that the Nigerian gang supplied outlets with heroin, cocaine and marijuana in Son Banya, various locations across the capital and also acted as dealers from its own base in Son Gotleu. Police also managed to ascertain that the gang was using a hair salon in Parc de Ses Estacions as a front for a drugs den.

In this latest phase of the operation, a total of twelve people have been arrested - eight Nigerians, three Dominicans and one Spanish national. Further arrests are not being ruled out. The police also searched ten properties and recovered over 5,000 euros in cash plus differing quantities of various drugs.


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M Irving / Hace over 3 years

Time for action not words-time for automatic deportation of offenders and their families. Enough is enough why should they continue with free health care etc whilst contributing to health problems/emergency admissions?Deterrent Needed urgently !! Previous health care worker


Rightwinger / Hace over 3 years

S: instead they are welcomed as refugees ( see Aquarius case ), and given free health care and education for their kids, which are generally numerous, all to glorify their “civil rights”. Maybe we will wake up and take our heads out of the sand before it is too late.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

Hopefully,they will receive long prison sentences,followed by deportation once they have served their sentence.


S. / Hace over 3 years

Once again, well done the Authorities ( Guardia and Policia ). What is it about these Nigerian Criminals entering Mallorca illegally to comit crime. The majority of the " Pimps " and Prostitutes are from Nigeria. They are the vermin of the world, bringing disease and are a disgrace to the race, the human race. Major punishments and deportation must be applied, to act as a deterrent to their kind, and others of the criminal fraternities.