A fifteen-year-old girl was killed on Sunday morning when she was struck by a car on the Avenida Miramar, the coast road in Sa Rapita (Campos).

At around five minutes to two, a car left the road and collided with the girl in the bike lane. The impact threw her several metres. The female driver left the scene but was stopped shortly afterwards. She tested positive for alcohol and was arrested.


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Mikev / Hace over 3 years

NOTICE the daily bulls..t has stopped anyone’s comment on the polish scum that killed her , but are so thick not to notice you can comment on the other reports lock her up,for life


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

A young life ended because somebody drove a car after drinking,the minimum penalty for drink driver should be five years and ten years if death or injury is caused,there is no excuse of any kind for drink driving.