The Guardia Civil’s new mini radar are operating now here in Majorca.

The Guardia Civil traffic force is stepping up its drive to crackdown on dangerous drivers.

Not only is it using drones for the first time this summer, the force is also using a set of new mini radar.

They are small, discreet, portable and extremely reliable and can be easily installed on a patrol vehicle or hidden by the road side. What is more, they are fitted with an infrared system which enables them to work and monitor vehicles at night. The new Velolaser radar comes with either 3 or 4G which means that controllers can monitor the images being captured by the radar in real time via wifi, which means that an officer does not have to be present, the radar can be monitored from a smart phone, lap top or computer kilometres away. Until now, the Guardia Civil have been using static speed traps, however, these new mini radar offer the traffic police multiple new options.

Each of 15,000 euro radar can trap a vehicle traveling up to a speed of 250 kilometres per hour and can cover large areas of road due to the wide angle lense its camera is fitted with.

The radar have been used in areas on the mainland, in particular Madrid, and have proved extremely successful. Now that they are here in Majorca, drivers intent on breaking the speed limit have a new nightmare to cope with and Guardia Civil chiefs have made it clear that the number of mini radar will be gradually increased.