Fury over the treatment of the carriage horses. | miquel a. cañellas

The United Left of the Balearics yesterday accused Palma City Council of turning its back on the suffering the carriage horses have to endure during the hot peak summer months.

In a statement, the party accused the council’s attitude as an “embarrassment” and has submitted a plea to the European Union that horse and carriages be banned from operating during the hours of 12pm and 6pm.

The United Left said that it is a disgrace that the welfare of the horses is not a top priority for city hall, especially as the council has had the best part of nearly four years to have dealt with the problem and come up with alternatives and greater care and attention of the horses.

“Time and time again we hear the coalition parties talking about better protection of animals, but nothing has actually happened, it’s mostly one postponement after another and the city hall has condemned the horses to yet another summer of suffering,” the United Left said.

“It’s a disgrace that in a city in which we are supposed to stand for animal rights, we see these horses being exploited on a daily basis.” The United Left wants the council to take action before the summer recess or it will take matters into its own hands.