As many as 500 new electric vehicle charging stations around the Balearics. | EFE

The Balearic government is going to pump 10 million euros into expanding the region’s network of electric vehicle charging stations.

At present, there are 300 semi-rapid charging points but the government, according to the Minister for Tourism, Bel Busquets and the Minister for Transport, Marc Pons, who unveiled the scheme yesterday, said the project will see the addition of up to 500 fast charging stations and bids for the concession can be made in September with the government hoping that the scheme gets under way at the beginning of next year.

Busquets said that projects like these “are a prime example of how we intend to use funds raised by the tourists to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors. We want to see the Balearics gain a reputation for being a sustainable touristdestination.” Pons added that the expansion of the network will make life much easier for owners of electric cars but as the same time should stimulate the markets and the sales of electric cars.

He pointed out that thenew climate change law will eventually prohibit the sale of new diesel vehicles from 2025 and petrol fuelled cars from 2035 with the aim of having a non contaminating fleet of electric cars in the Balearics.

The government is already upgrading the Manacor to Sa Pobla railway and the new bus services are also being reviewed and increased.