Wedding taking place at Es Trenc beach. | ARCHIVO

The ecological group Terraferida and resident associations in Sa Rapita and ses Covetes have complained to Campos Council and the local government about the lack of services on the beach which is in a terrible condition and is covered in litter and rubbish left by beach goers.
According to Terraferida, the whole of the Campos coastline is littered with rubbish and nothing is being done to tackle the problem.
The beaches in the area were once considered some of the most beautiful in Europe, however, over saturation has damaged the local ecology and environment and people are leaving the beach without disposing of their rubbish which is not being adequately collected and removed by the local council.
“There is council funding to build beach bars and rent out sunbeds for 20 euros a day but there is not enough money to clean the beach,” Terraferida said.
The ecological body has slammed the situation as a “total disaster” and has demanded that Campos Council and the Balearic Ministry for the Environment take some form of immediate action to solve the problems the natural park face.
According to Terraferida, the problem has been going on for months but is obviously getting worse now that the summer is into peak season.
“We feel so frustrated that we cannot do anything about the problem and angry that the local authorities do not appear to be willing to help,” the body said yesterday.
And, last month, Terraferida denounced a private wedding which was held on the sand dunes of es Trenc, apparently without permission of the local council.