Yesterday’s crisis meeting in Calvia.

Three dead young holiday makers, one currently in hospital in a serious condition and a series of other incidents this summer, Calvia Council yesterday held a crisis meeting to try and analyse the serious problem of tourists falling from hotel balconies and windows or getting caught up in violent fights.

The meeting was chaired by the mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodriguez and included representatives from the central government delegation to the Balearics, the British consulate, IbSalut health service, the Ministry for Tourism and the Palmanova-Magalluf Hotel Association.

Some sectors of the tourist industry were questioning whether the cause of the incidents was a cocktail of alcohol and drugs and if drugs were being peddled in hotel complexes.

However, after the meeting concluded, the mayor said that all parties present at the meeting agreed that behind all of these tragic incidents is alcohol - “100 percent,” he stated.

There have been no cases of lethal cocktails of drugs and alcohol. The Mayor said that, in cooperation with the Guardia Civil and the Local Police, the council is going to step up its controls of bars and clubs offering special alcohol offers and the enforcement of law and order on the streets of Magalluf, in particular Punta Ballena. Bars and clubs were informed before the season started about the fines they face if caught selling alcohol in large amounts and at discount prices, two for one and happy hours, for example, and the council has warned that for the rest of the season, they will be very much under the spotlight.