Illegal selling will be covered by the public order bylaw. | Patricia Lozano

Palma town hall's revised public order bylaw will include fines for people who make purchases from illegal sellers. The fines will range from 100 to 750 euros. The same fines regime will apply to massage services offered on beaches and to the likes of hair braiding.

Illegal sellers themselves will face fines in the same range, with the higher ones being reserved for those sellers who put their products out on blankets. Confiscated goods will normally then be destroyed, although exceptions will be possible for items defined as "artistic". Street selling of alcohol will carry fines of between 750 and 1500 euros, and there will be fines from 300 to 1000 euros for inciting "massive" and inappropriate consumption of alcohol.

Street and beach drinking, as in the "botellón", is already prohibited, and the revised ordinance will levy the toughest fines on groups of more than ten people. Bar crawls will not be permitted, and there is to be a ban on the sale of alcohol by shops between midnight and eight in the morning. Contravention of this could result in a fine of up to 3000 euros.

There will be fines of between 100 and 750 euros for "balconing", by which the town hall means climbing from one balcony to the next (a practice that is extremely dangerous). The same fines will apply to hotels which don't apply measures to prevent this, e.g. higher walls and posters which warn that it is prohibited.

The town hall has had to be careful with the drafting of this bylaw. The last time it came up with a wide-ranging public order revision, there was a successful legal challenge. The town hall was deemed to have been seeking to exceed its powers where some aspects of the bylaw were concerned, so the whole revision had to be scrapped.

One aspect that was not subject to specific challenge but fell by the wayside was the so-called bikini law. This has now returned. Away from the frontline by beaches, tops will have to be worn.

The draft for the bylaw has been agreed by the town hall's governing board. Full approval will have to be given at a council session.