The Partido Popular demonstrating their love of tourism. | Joan Torres

The leader of the Partido Popular in the Balearics, Biel Company, yesterday attacked elements within the Balearic government who have been promoting "tourismphobia" for years. He also criticised the passivity of President Armengol in the face of "acts of vandalism" against tourism.

Company stated that tourism benefits everyone from hoteliers to farmers and that, directly or indirectly, the tourism industry feeds everyone. This includes protesters, as they, in one way or another, live from tourism.

The PP stress that 35% of Balearic employment is created by the tourism industry (some 150,000 jobs) and that tourism accounts for 45% of Balearic GDP, around 12,000 million euros.

The party's president added that the PP will be presenting a "battery of motions" in parliament and at Council of Majorca and town hall sessions. These will "make clear that our society is in favour of continuing to bring tourism to the islands". Company continued: "We want tourists to feel welcome on an island that has always been so hospitable."

He took aim at the "posturing" of President Armengol, the tourism minister Bel Busquets, and the national secretary of state for tourism, the Majorcan Bel Oliver, a member of Armengol's PSOE party. His statements were made at a photo opportunity with other PP representatives for which a banner was unfurled that read "We love tourism".