Cocaine was hidden in devices.

23-07-2018Policia Nacional

Four people are now in prison after twelve were arrested for being part of a criminal gang bringing cocaine into Majorca.

A National Police operation, "Chocable", started in November last year when a routine control led to the discovery of a considerable quantity of cocaine in the possession of one particular individual. The police realised that they were onto a case of drug trafficking and that it involved the use of mules. Drugs were being hidden on people entering Spain, passed to the gangs' leaders in Manacor and then distributed through dealers in Manacor and Palma.

Colombia was the source of the drugs, and mules were flying to Majorca via Madrid's Adolfo Suárez Airport. The National Police's drugs squad in Madrid became involved and intercepted a Colombian woman who had almost 2,700 grams of cocaine hidden in a turntable and a laptop.

Following this, raids were carried out in Manacor and Palma. These resulted in the twelve arrests, all people with previous convictions for drugs offences and of either Colombian or Spanish nationality. They have all appeared in court, and four (including the ringleaders) have been remanded in custody - three in Palma and one in Madrid.