Not a new problem; waste in Punta Ballena last summer. | Ajuntament de Calvià

An operation to identify those responsible for waste from Magalluf establishments that is dumped in the street is to be undertaken by Calvia town hall. On a daily basis, the Calvia 2000 municipal services agency allocates 23 workers to clean up Punta Ballena, Martí Ros and a third street between six and ten in the morning. The waste includes large amounts of plastic - glasses, straws, etc. - as well leftover food, liquids and even vomit. The agency collects some 500 kilos of waste per day.

As well as this, there is daily street cleaning in Torrenova and along the Magalluf and Oliveres avenues which frequently requires the clearance and chlorination of drains that have become clogged up because of plastic and other waste. Because of the remains of alcoholic drinks and people's sick as well, there are bad smells.

The agency is using high-pressure water from a tank truck and a suction vehicle. There is also work on combating the bad smells. This includes the installation of valves to prevent a "chimney effect" of odours being emitted by the drainage network. A biological system has been introduced for deodorisation and a reduction of the accumulation of greasy substances.