Showers in Son Serra have been put in despite being prohibited.

The environment ministry and the Costas Authority had both prohibited the installation of showers on the beach in Son Serra de Marina. Santa Margalida town hall has chosen to ignore the ban.

Most of what many visitors will think of as Son Serra beach isn't in fact in Santa Margalida. The torrent, which runs into the bay of Alcudia and is close to where the built-up development ends, marks the boundary with Arta. That beach, Sa Canova is its official name, is backed by dunes and forest. Nevertheless, the beach which is in Santa Margalida is deemed to be part of the Red Natura 2000 network of protected natural spaces and an area for the protection of birds. It is therefore environmentally sensitive.

The ministry and the Costas told the town hall that in order to put in showers it needed to have a proper system for the drainage of water. Mayor Joan Monjo says that this would entail the installation of a small purifying unit or a tank to collect water and a pump to then channel it into the main drainage system. "It is excessively expensive. We have opted to instal showers (there are two) in response to demand from beachgoers, bars and restaurants. We haven't wanted to enter into an argument."

The environment ministry, adds the mayor, has made reference to its hydrology plan (one that deals with water resources). This is still being processed. It hasn't been approved, and the town hall has made submissions to ensure that it isn't necessary to have some form of water treatment system for the showers.

"Beachgoers have been asking for showers. We have made our requests to the government, but they haven't answered. Their reasons for prohibiting the installation are illogical. We've done it for the benefit of the people."