A balconing tourist is taken to hospital. | Michel's

Since June, Calvia police have fined six tourists for "balconing". Municipal ordinance classifies this as leaping or intending to leap (or climb) from a great height in a voluntary and "imprudent" fashion. The fine is 600 euros.

People who encourage balconing are liable to fines as well as those who do it. Owners of establishments are not deemed to be responsible for these actions and are therefore not subject to sanctions.

The most recent case was on Monday. A 21-year-old Irish tourist fell from a height of four metres at an establishment in Torrenova. He fractured a knee and was taken to Son Espases Hospital.

One fine was issued in June, three in July and two so far this month. In 2017, there were three fines in all.

Other police activity led to the arrest of 48 men in June and July for offences against public health, i.e. drug dealing. In many of these cases, the individuals arrested were illegal street sellers, who were combining the sale of marijuana, cocaine and synthetic drugs with that of sunglasses and other items.

In July, there was a total of 936 fines for various offences against the coexistence bylaw. The highest number, 582, was for illegal selling. Others included 78 for unauthorised massage, 64 for "botellón" street drinking, forty for taking or possessing drugs, 27 for urinating in a public place, nine for having sexual relations in a public place, five for being naked or semi-naked in an unauthorised place. The total number was down by 88 compared with July 2017.