The import of fuel, by month, has increased by as much as 61%. | Archive

The import and consumption of fuel into Majorca is at a record high. Figures from the Balearic Ports Authority show that in March there was a 61% increase in the volume that was shipped into Palma - 97,168 tonnes of fuel, which included Jet-1 kerosene for aircraft. In April, compared with 2017, there was a 32% increase to over 126,000 tonnes. In May there was just a six per cent rise, while in June there was a levelling-off at 119,000 tonnes.

The lack of variation in June compared with last year was not because of reduced aircraft activity. The number of flights in and out of Son Sant Joan Airport was up almost seven per cent to just over 27,000. The significant increase in the import of fuel in the spring was partly because of Easter demand but also because of anticipated demand in subsequent months.

CLH, the company which ships and distributes fuel, has been moving up to four per cent more per month from its storage facilities in Portopi and Son Banya. Jet-1 is in most demand. There have been increases in flights each month since March. In July the number was up three per cent to almost 30,000.

Forecasts for hotel occupancy rates in August and September suggest decreases, but this occupancy is increasingly being shown to be an unreliable indicator of total tourism activity. For the fuel distributors, supplying in particular the airline industry, decreases in business volume are not expected.