Not all calm in Ibiza. Hoteliers are fighting the all-inclusive drinks law.

The hoteliers federation in Ibiza and Formentera says that it will take the Balearic government to court if legislation removes the provision of freely available alcoholic drinks in all-inclusive hotels and restricts alcohol to mealtimes.

The federation believes that the measure will reduce competitiveness with respect to other destinations, including Spanish ones. It will represent a further "regulatory twist of the knife" on top of the doubling in the summer rate of the tourist tax. "Making tourists pay for our infrastructure and other costs is not acceptable," a statement from the federation read yesterday. "Doubling it is a disregard for all tourists and for the whole industry and workforce in the Balearics." When asked about where the money goes, reception staff "are silent".

The alcohol restriction in all-inclusives will be pursued "in all jurisdictions" and compensation for damages from "whomever this may be applicable" will be sought. "This is unacceptable from a business point of view. We cannot restrict the freedom of some companies to the benefit of others, depriving our clients of a legal and legitimate commercial option that is principally for family tourism."

The federation refutes the notion that alcohol in all-inclusives is the cause of "booze tourism". Tourists intent on getting drunk do so elsewhere.