Arran in Arenal. | @Arran_jovent

Radical youth organisation Arran chose Arenal late on Wednesday afternoon for their latest protest against tourism. Around twenty Arran members let off flares and carried a banner proclaiming that "tourism kills Mallorca".

Arenal, they claimed, is a clear example of a model that is based on labour exploitation and the destruction of land. On Twitter, they demanded respect for residents, an "Arenal for those who live there". They also criticised Palma police for being more concerned about protests than residents.

Llucmajor police, meanwhile, made two Arran members identify themselves when they paraded a banner. Other protesters apparently ran off. Arenal straddles Palma and Llucmajor.

Palma town hall yesterday released a statement rejecting the protest action and insisting that any debate about tourism should be conducted "without harming or affecting public services". The town hall reiterated its commitment to a sustainable tourism model that generates quality employment and respects cultural and architectural heritage. These are principles that govern the administration's decision-making in order to put a halt to the damage caused by tourist "massification". The town hall stressed that Palma is "an open and plural city that welcomes everyone who wishes to visit it".