Celebrations in Felanitx. | Pere Bota

Felanitx town hall is to step up security measures for the day of the patron, Sant Agustí (Saint Augustine), which is this coming Tuesday. The feast day traditionally attracts large numbers of people, many from outside Felanitx, who come for the street drinking and, among other events, the gauntlet run by invited politicians following the morning eucharist at the Sant Agustí Convent.

The town hall is also taking into account the Level 4 anti-terrorist alert in Spain. One of the measures will therefore be the placing of concrete blocks on main access roads. The security was discussed at a meeting of town hall, local police and Guardia Civil representatives on Thursday. Apart from countering any possible threat from vehicles ramming into fiesta visitors, the emphasis will be on stopping as much as possible the bringing-in of bottles of alcohol and on trying to avoid overcrowding.

The police will be applying filter controls at the main access points. The whole Felanitx force will be operating - some thirty officers - and thirty more are to be drafted in from other municipalities. The Guardia Civil will also have a strong presence and there will be three police tutors to deal with any issues involving minors.

The town hall acknowledges that it is difficult to prevent all cases of anti-social behaviour, but stresses that the police will come down hard on any trouble and vandalism. The town hall hopes that everyone can enjoy the day without misbehaving.