José Luis Santafé, commissioner with the National Police and Palma’s public safety councillor, Angelica Pastor.

Palma and National Police have uncovered one of the most significant distribution points for counterfeit products. Some 8,300 items have been seized, thirty-one people have been implicated and one of these is under arrest.

A week ago, a joint operation between the two police forces led to the discovery of boxes inside some cars. The boxes contained sixty separate packages with falsely branded goods. The market value of these goods is put at around two million euros. The cost of acquiring them was some 200,000 euros; they had come from various Asian and European sources.

The products were destined for sale by illegal street sellers. The people under investigation are from several different countries. José Luis Santafé, commissioner with the National Police, said yesterday that the investigation is ongoing and that the aim is the complete dismantling of the counterfeit product operation. The police will continue to "fight against the illegal use of brands".

Palma's public safety councillor, Angelica Pastor, added that the investigation is proceeding rapidly and that an explanation as to the origins of this illegal distribution will be given as soon as possible. Pastor linked the success of this police action to the "good work" being done by the Palma police force in controlling illegal selling.