The address by the mayor at the Rei en Jaume fiestas. | pam

Calvia's mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, took the occasion of the address for the Santa Ponsa Rei en Jaume Fiestas to outline the achievements of the current town hall administration. He also called on other authorities - the Balearic government, the national government delegation - to strengthen their efforts. He referred to the need for increased Guardia Civil presence and to legislative initiatives to eradicate "booze tourism" and the negative effects that this has.

Rodríguez stressed the need to "banish" the excessive consumption of alcohol from certain resorts and the types of offer that can promote drunkenness, such as happy hours. He reiterated the town hall's stance on all-inclusives, which is one of seeking controls of alcohol.

The mayor regretted the increase this summer in the number of "balconing" incidents. "We should not allow those who come to enjoy themselves to end up dead in such an absurd way." Rodríguez also lent his support to demands for improved working conditions made by the "Kellys" (chambermaids), to the need for greater employment in the low season and to policies which provide people with decent housing.