The Esquerra Unida (United Left) have demanded that a solution be found to the fact that Calvia is the worst municipality in Spain - in relative terms - when it comes to sexual assaults and rape.

Describing this as "shameful", the party points to there being a ratio of 3.46 rapes per 10,000 residents in Calvia; the municipality's population is just under 50,000, according to the most recent figures. This ratio is well above that of municipalities that are immediately behind Calvia on the Spanish list.

The party's women's section is stressing the "extreme need" to adopt measures to put an end to this level of assault against women. Isabel Vallés believes that it is "unacceptable" that a municipality in the Balearics can lead the ranking for the number of rapes. She adds that efforts which have been made have proved to be inadequate. The town hall's measures therefore need to be "intensified" and there have to be more resources (security forces) from the national government to reinforce personal safety.

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