Meeting in Calvia. | R.F.

The nightlife sector in Magalluf and Palmanova believes that the summer season has been "disastrous". Chief among businesses voicing their dissatisfaction are the Cursach Group (BCM) and Bananas, and they are blaming Calvia town hall's ordinance with regard to PRs (tiqueteros).

A change in regulation has meant that touting can only be done immediately in front of clubs. Previously, the PRs could operate in designated common areas at different points in Magalluf. Sales of admission tickets are therefore said to have slumped significantly. For this reason, and also because of the town hall's regulation, these businesses are considering whether they should remain. Other businesses are concerned about the impact if the clubs were to decide to close their doors.

Meanwhile, there has been another meeting between town hall officials and British Embassy representatives to discuss collaboration to tackle so-called "tourism of excesses". The British ambassador, Simon Manley, the Consul General, Lloyd Milen, and the Vice Consul, Lucy Gorman, met the mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, on Wednesday and reinforced the commitment to measures designed to curb excessive drinking and incidents such as "balconing".