Traffic congestion on Palma motorway.

A number of business associations have joined forces in opposing legislation that would prohibit new diesel vehicles entering the Balearics from 2025.

The ban is envisaged in the Balearic government's climate change and energy transition law, which is currently being processed by parliament. It would not affect vehicles already registered in the Balearics. However, the business associations consider that the law would be "regressive, discriminatory and contrary to European policy".

The Confederation of Balearic Business Associations, the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers and the Balearic associations for hire-car businesses and for automotive distribution have sent a joint communique to the government in seeking a revision of the text in the legislation.

They maintain that the measure would principally affect new cars and foster the use of old vehicles. "It would lead to the progressive ageing of all automobiles, which are responsible for 80% of contaminating emissions and for reducing air quality." The legislation would penalise new cars which have lower emissions.

The associations add that they support policies to improve the environment and in general back the aims of the new legislation.