Parts of the wall seen on the grounds.


Technicians from the Council of Majorca are recommending that Alcudia town hall assesses if there are other parts of the old town walls that are at risk of collapse: on Monday night a ten-metre section fell down. The advice would apply in particular to times when there is heavy rain, as rain is believed to have weakened the section that collapsed.

On Thursday, the town hall completed the drafting of a project for the partial preventive demolition of the wall where there was the collapse. This has been sent to the Council of Majorca's heritage department, and the work should be carried out within a few days.

Parts adjacent to the collapsed section are said to have been affected, which makes the demolition necessary. Three battlements will also be taken down. Although they are not directly in the affected area, they show signs of deterioration and are therefore a risk.

This hastily designed demolition project will cost 7,000 euros. A further 150,000 euros are to be spend on restoration work to the whole section of wall between Sant Jaume Church and the Can Ramis municipal building.