A hotel terrace in Palma.


According to the Trivago accommodation website, the average price for a hotel room in Palma this autumn is 172 euros, the highest among leading destinations in Spain. In Barcelona the price is 142 euros, the second highest. In Benidorm, Seville and Madrid, the price is respectively 136 euros, 120 euros and 118 euros.

The Palma price is also higher than London (163 euros) and Paris (169 euros). The two most expensive European cities are Amsterdam (193 euros) and Dublin (182 euros). Less expensive cities include Brussels (105 euros), Krakow (90 euros) and Istanbul (80 euros).

Despite the price in Palma, the city has one of the longest average durations of stay - 5.1 days. Benidorm tops this with six days, while Istanbul (five days) is fractionally below Palma. Otherwise, of destinations in Europe that Trivago lists, only three have average durations of four or more days - Athens and Barcelona, both dead on four days, and Lisbon with 4.3 days.