Man being taken in by the police.


The National Police arrested a man yesterday morning who had barricaded himself onto a rooftop terrace at a property in the calle Pedro Alcántara Penya, a street that is two lines away and parallel to the part of the Avenidas that goes past El Corte Inglés.

He was armed with a knife and a wooden sword, and the incident occurred at around half past nine. Residents called the police to say that an armed individual had gained access to a building known to be a squat and was threatening people residing in it. When the police he arrived, he took refuge on the rooftop.

Unable to immediately get onto the terrace, the police managed to convince him to give up and to throw the weapons onto the ground. He did so, and the police arrested him.

It is understood that the police had to go to the same building on Saturday because of an altercation which resulted in one person being stabbed.