Tourists on the beach.

Hotel occupancy in August was at its highest in the Balearics. The average occupancy of places was 90.3%. The Canaries, with 85.3%, were second on the list. The Balearics also experienced a slight upturn in the total number of overnight stays - plus 0.9% compared with August 2017 - and accounted for almost 35% of all foreign tourist overnight stays in Spain. Catalonia, with 21.2% of the total, suffered a fall of 3.5%, while in the Canaries (19%) there was a drop of five per cent in overnight stays, attributable to a reduced number of seats on flights following the collapse of certain airlines.

In Majorca, the number of overnight stays was at its highest, with some eight million. In terms of occupancy, Santa Margalida (Can Picafort) registered 99.2% occupancy.

Nationally, there was a 1.1% decrease in occupancy to 76.3% and a dip of 0.6% for overnight stays. The British provided the most foreign tourist overnight stays (25.4%) followed by the Germans (18.2%). Both markets showed falls in the total number of stays - four per cent and 11.4% respectively. By contrast the French market went up 11.3%.

Hotel prices in the Balearics rose by 2.3%. Overall in Spain they were down 6.1% over August 2017.

The hotel occupancy in the Balearics in August was down from 91.1% in the same month last year.