With Santanyi town hall having made clear its concerns about changes to the organisation plan for the Mondrago Nature Park, the environment ministry has responded by providing data regarding "human pressure" at beaches in the park.

Based on a count conducted between 13 and 15 August, the ministry has concluded that the number of beachgoers exceeds beach capacity by 60%. The director-general for natural spaces and biodiversity, Miquel Mir, insists that the data reveal the urgent need to adopt measures in order to counteract this over-occupation. He says that the numbers of people and vehicles have implications for the environment in terms both of the local ecosystems and forest fires. Fire crews, he believes, would not have room to get access to fires because of all the other vehicles.

The environment ministry's revised plan for the park envisages an end to beach services, the demolition of two chiringuito beach bars and a limit on the number of beachgoers. The August count found that there was an average of 1,817. In addition, there were 411 cars, five coaches and 51 motorcycles plus the five public buses. Not included were bikes, beachgoers from hotels and homes in the park or people who had arrived by boat.

The ministry's plan has received support from environmentalist groups such as GOB.