A 21-year-old was arrested for attempted murder by Calvia police on Monday morning, having deliberately driven into a friend in Magalluf.

Shortly before three o'clock, witnesses say that his Seat Ibiza was driven at the friend, who was knocked onto the bonnet. He then drove some fifteen metres before the friend fell onto the road. The victim suffered serious injuries and was rushed to Son Espases Hospital. The injuries were not life-threatening. They were to his legs, while he also suffered a broken nose and dental damage.

The driver initially left the car on the Avenida S'Olivera but then returned, at which point he was arrested. He tested positive for alcohol. The argument which led to the incident would appear to have been started by a girl. Those involved, it is believed, had gone to Magalluf from Palma. The resort increasingly attracts young people from the city.