The National Police report that on 22 September six people were detained at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport for false documentation and illegal immigration.

Three people were stopped by police officers as they were passing through departures to catch a flight to Stansted. One of the three was carrying the identity cards of the other two. The officers queried these. On checking, they ascertained that the two were Albanian.

Further checks were made with airlines, and the officers discovered there were flight bookings for another three individuals. They were intervened at the gate for the Stansted flight and were carrying Italian identity cards. As with the first group, two of the three - both Albanian - were being accompanied by someone with legitimate documentation, in this instance an Italian woman. The cards being carried by all the Albanian were false.

One of the six was underage. The four adult Albanians were arrested for having false documentation and the Italian woman for facilitating illegal immigration.