The Partido Popular in Soller has demanded the immediate removal of exhibition panels on the Passeig Antoni Montis in Puerto Soller that the party consider to be "tourismphobic".

The exhibition is the same as one that was on the Passeig Born in Palma. In Soller it has been organised by the Tramuntana XXI group; in Palma it was by Palma XXI. The two are, as their names suggest, part of the same movement.

The PP believe that the exhibition is against tourism and is indicative of "radical and anti-system entities". Joan Ruiz of the PP has attacked the town hall administration for having allowed the "abomination". The PP are demanding explanations from the mayor, Jaume Servera of Més, who has so far responded by suggesting that the PP read what is contained in the exhibition, which is about the history of tourism in the Tramuntana Mountains.

Some fifty people yesterday staged a protest against the exhibition, displaying banners reading "Yes to tourism".