Inca's mayor, Virgilio Moreno, says that the town hall wants to put in place a special plan for the historic centre of Inca, with the aim of increasing tourism and using the redevelopment of Alcudia's old town as a model. "We want strong public investment that will focus on an improvement to the streets and general urban environment and which will be accompanied by private investment for improving properties. The recovery of the historic centre should drive the town's economy."

One of the areas needing attention is the Jewish quarter. Moreno explains that architects agree that it should have a better connection with the centre. One project would therefore be the demolition of the covered market's wall. At present, there is a separation. If the wall were to come down, there would be a direct connection that would help improve the area. Work for this would cost around 750,000 euros.

Another project would be the burying of electricity and telecommunications cables that currently hang from buildings. The budget for doing this has been set at 818,000 euros. Both projects have been presented to the government for consideration of funding by the tourism ministry's consortium for the stock of accommodation places.

As well as these projects, the town hall intends new signage at the entrance and exit points to Inca. This would involve large posters highlighting the fact that Inca is the "capital" of the Raiguer district of Majorca.

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