The Partido Popular opposition in Calvia are taking the town hall administration to task over what they claim is "inaction" in the face of increasing insecurity in the municipality. To make their point, they highlight assaults in Magalluf and multiple burglaries in areas such as El Toro. These are "clear symptoms" of the inaction.

The PP refer to two incidents in Magalluf - one involving an illegal street seller who attacked a tourist and another, as reported in the Bulletin yesterday, when a local resident brandished a knife in a bar. The party stresses the "great work" being done by Calvia police and the Guardia Civil, but contrasts this with the "inactivity" of the ruling administration and the mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez.

The suggestion is being made that since the government in Madrid changed, the town hall is no longer being as assertive as it had been in calling on the national government delegation and the public administration ministry to strengthen police and Guardia presence. The PP also argue that the reorganisation of the local police force by the town hall has not proved to be useful. Residents are still, therefore, lodging the same complaints about the town hall's management of public safety. Problems with police staffing have not been overcome and there is more insecurity.

The party is calling for greater surveillance in residential and nightlife areas, more control of illegal selling and improved use of security cameras.

The incident involving the street seller and the tourist, who was British, has attracted a good deal of publicity on social media and in the British press. The tourist, who had accused the seller of theft, was knocked out cold. Meanwhile, another incident in Magalluf has been highlighted by the British press. This one involved two Guardia Civil officers who intervened in an argument and used their batons in striking three tourists, one of them female.