The death toll from the devastating flash floods that affected eastern Majorca on Tuesday night has risen to ten. The Guardia Civil now put the number of missing (as of 18.00 Wednesday) at six, one of whom is a five-year-old boy, whose mother was trapped in their car and died, having helped her eight-year-old daughter to escape.

Antonia Bauza of Sant Llorenç town hall has confirmed that two of the dead are British. She adds: "It was a massive storm. Some 180 litres of rain fell in two hours. We realised we could not control the water. The situation is a disaster and we're trying to locate survivors and help people but everything is flooded and people cannot leave their homes."

Sant Llorenç today is a scene of devastation. The sludge and mud carried by the water cover the streets and have entered houses. Furniture has been piled up outside flooded homes. All emergency service availability - army, Guardia Civil, Civil Protection and the Majorca Fire Brigade - is in the area.

* There is more heavy rain hitting Majorca this evening (Wednesday).

** Among volunteers helping with the clean-up has been Rafael Nadal. His tennis academy and hotel in Manacor, which neighbours Sant Llorenç, is being used to put people up.