View of the bay of Andratx.

Andratx town hall wants there to be holiday rentals on protected rustic land. This is one of nine points that the town hall has raised in its submissions regarding the Council of Majorca's PIAT plan for intervention in tourism areas. The plan envisages a complete ban on any new holiday rentals on protected land.

Jaume Porsell, councillor for urban planning, believes that there would be a positive effect in terms of the conservation of country areas and the maintenance of properties. Rentals on protected land, he suggests, would assist with tackling tourism seasonality. Mayor Katia Rourach supports this view in arguing that there would be protection for natural areas from the preservation of existing buildings. Without holiday rental potential, there would be "inexorable degradation".

Observations that the town hall is making are similar to those in Escorca, where authorisation for rentals on protected land is being sought as a means of preserving rural estates.

The town hall is also seeking a rethink of the classification of the whole of Puerto Andratx as a ZR2 area that is principally for second residence properties. Parts, it believes, should be ZR1, principally for the first place of residence. There is also criticism of the ban on new rural hotels on rustic land. This, the town hall argues, exceeds the powers of the Council of Majorca.

In general terms, Andratx is scathing about the lack of "citizen participation" in the drawing up of PIAT and about the "non-existence" of a genuine economic study to give the plan viability.